Let’s build a strong neighborhood K-8 for our kids!

Dear New Field and Eugene Field Families and Supporters,

Our nation may be divided but parents and educators are united and determined. As you know, Alderman Joe Moore has put a temporary hold on his proposal to close Eugene Field Elementary School. A group of parents from New Field and Eugene Field, known as Reunite the Fields, has proposed a better model: We want to merge New Field Primary School together with Eugene Field Elementary School, under one administration, occupying both of our current buildings. We have formally submitted a request to CPS Leadership, which they are considering during the month of November. 

You can help build a better K-8 school for our kids! Call and email these leaders today:

Forrest Claypool, CPS Chief Executive Officer: feclaypool@cps.edu (773) 553-1500

Janice Jackson, CPS Chief Education Officer: jkjackson@cps.edu (773) 553-1500

Eduardo Cesario, CPS Network 2 Chief: edcesario@cps.edu (773) 534-1100

Alderman Joe Moore, 49th Ward: ward49@cityofchicago.org (773) 338-5796

IL State Representative Kelly Cassidy: repcassidy@gmail.com (773) 784-2002

IL State Senator Heather Steans: cathy@heathersteans.com (773)769-1717

When you call/email, say:

“Hello, may I speak to (name of leader, above), or can I leave him/her a message? I am a parent from New Field School (or Eugene Field School, or both). I support the proposed administrative merger of New Field and Eugene Field Schools. We believe we can build up enrollment and improve both schools by merging them into one school, under one administration, occupying both of our current buildings. We can build a Level 1+ K-8 neighborhood school for the children of Rogers Park. Thank you.”

United for our Schools,

Annie Gill-Bloyer

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Querido Familias y Apoyadores del New Field y Eugene Field,
Nuestra nación puede estar dividida, pero padres y educadores están unidos y decididos. Como saben, el Concejal Joe Moore ha suspendido temporalmente su propuesta para cerrar la Escuela Eugene Field. Un grupo de padres de New Field y Eugene Field, conocidos como Reunite the Fields, han propuesto un modelo mejor: Queremos fusionar la Escuela New Field con la Escuela Eugene Field, bajo una administración, ocupando ambos edificios actuales. Hemos presentado formalmente una solicitud al liderazgo del CPS, que están considerando durante el mes de noviembre.
¡Usted puede ayudar a construir una escuela K-8 mejor para nuestros niños! Llame y envíe un correo electrónico a estos líderes hoy:

Forrest Claypool, Director Ejecutivo de CPS: feclaypool@cps.edu (773) 553-1500

Janice Jackson, Oficial Principal de Educación de CPS: jkjackson@cps.edu (773) 553-1500

Eduardo Cesario, Jefe del Red 2 de CPS: edcesario@cps.edu (773) 534-1100

Concejal Joe Moore, 49th Ward: ward49@cityofchicago.org (773) 338-5796

Kelly Cassidy, 
Representante del Estado de Illinois: repcassidy@gmail.com (773) 784-2002

Heather Steans, 
Senador del estado de Illinois: cathy@heathersteans.com (773)769-1717


Cuando llame o envíe un correo electrónico, diga:


“Hola, ¿puedo hablar con (nombre del líder, arriba), o puedo dejarle un mensaje? Soy un padre de la Escuela New Field (o la Escuela Eugene Field, o ambos). Apoyo la propuesta fusión administrativa de las Escuelas New Field y Eugene Field. Creemos que podemos aumentar la matrícula y mejorar ambas escuelas fusionándolas en una escuela, bajo una administración, utilizando ambos de nuestros edificios actuales. Podemos construir una escuela del vecindario de nivel 1+ K-8 para los niños del Rogers Park. Gracias.”

En unidad por nuestras escuelas,
Annie Gill-Bloyer
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Ogden-Jenner Merger Is Best For Both Schools, New Study Says

A consultant’s report is the latest endorsement of an effort to combine the seemingly disparate schools. “A more broadly racially and socioeconomically diverse student body leads to improved academic achievement as well as cognitive and non-cognitive development for all students,” the report reads. “This type of project could create an important template and positive outcomes for other schools experiencing enrollment challenges in the city of Chicago.”

Source: Ogden-Jenner Merger Is Best For Both Schools, New Study Says